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HUNSUNN CONSULTING CO.,LTD. (hereinafter referred to as HUNSUNN), China most with the strength of enterprises to enhance global competitiveness advisory body. Provide service management consulting and management training of the most advanced and effective for the sustainable development of enterprises.

HUNSUNN to explore the sustainable development of enterprises from success to outstanding factors, to practice the advanced innovative management ideas and methods. After many years of management practice of enterprises and management consulting, HUNSUNN formed the system comprehensive and in consulting practice with strong operation and the effectiveness of the implementation of the management consulting and technology system.

HUNSUNN with modern management wisdom and a global view of the consultant team, and accumulated rich project implementation and training experience in all areas of enterprise strategy, human resources, marketing and other business operations of enterprise management. Help a number of Fortune 500 and domestic famous enterprises, such as the overall implementation of strategic change, the integrated management system is established, and has trained thousands of enterprises in the management of the elite. For household appliances, automobiles, clothing, energy, commerce and service industry, a number of customers for the injected an unprecedented vitality, bring the enormous economic and social benefits.

HUNSUNN is committed to become the most professional, the most influential global enterprises to enhance the competitiveness of industry group! HUNSUNN continuous rapid introduction of the latest scientific technology and management concepts, the rational analysis of different local humanistic ideas and the enterprises for their actual needs, combined with past rich practice experience and swarm intelligence, creative strategies and management skills, tailored to assist enterprises to perfect the management system, cultivating high-quality talents, and improve quality and productivity, strengthen the global competitiveness of enterprises. Profit growth for customers!

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